Problem 3, week 2

Score “-1” means a major mistake, will bring penalty factor 0.8
Score “-0.5” means a minor mistake, will bring penalty factor 0.9.
Score “-0.25” means a self-corrected minor mistake, will bring penalty factor 0.95.
Score “0” means that answer was submitted, but full solution wasn’t.

Positive number denotes the penalty factor (“1” = no penalty); penalties from the previous attempts have been applied, but the result is not multiplied with the base score of 0.9 (due to the publication of the first hints) or 0.8 (due to the publication of the second hints) .

As an exception from the general rule of Physics Cup: those who have missed only one correct solution, but have obtained correctly all the other solutions will get a “pass”, with a score of 0.9 being applied (it is multiplied with the penalties from previous weeks, so a wrong submission from the first week and incomplete solution from the second week will result in 0.81). These cases are indicated in italic.
Those who have missed two solutions, but do have two correct solutions (one trivial and one non-trivial) will get a reduced penalty factor of 0.95, indicated here as “-0.25”.

Name SurnameWeek 2
Nithesh Sanjeevi SaravananSaravanan0.81
Niko Nanda Putra NilaLay0.9
Timothy Ho1
Absur KhanSiam1
Zong YuLee0.9
Arkananta Rasendriya 0.9
RobertoMarín Delgado-0.5
Adam Wesołowski-0.25